MAPS 2020: The Dead Web – The End
13 février 2020 - 14 février 2020

The Ludwig Museum celebrates the Media Art Preservation project in 2020 with a two-day MAPS 2020 conference on 13–14 February 2020. The conference continues the work which revolves around the conservation and the preservation of media art, started in 2015, involving international conservators, art historians and experts.

Among contemporary art practices there are those that are linked to technological developments and which have been designated, with varying degrees of distinction, as “media art”, ”new media art” or “digital art”.

The rapid aging and changing of technology is accepted as a part of life today. In comparison to older technology, such as VHS tapes, the deterioration of digital content happens at an even faster rate, therefore their long-term preservation creates a constant challenge.

With an exhibition called The Dead Web – The End, Canadian, Swiss and Hungarian artists whose practices can be situated in media art will start a conversation about the obsolescence of internet. The project and the exhibition deal with the possibility of a collapse of the World Wide Web.


A Public Collection digitalisation strategy is being developed;

After university, there is no further opportunity for professional training in the Hungarian museum field;

There are constantly new challenges emerging in the cultural environment, on which the changing of digital technology has an effect on;

There is no current training focussed on contemporary conservation and preservation of media artworks in the central European region;

Museums create independent digital content, as having an internet presence is essential in order to attract visitors into the exhibitions.


Museum collections in the 21st century

Real and/or virtual collections

Changing processes, variable collection forms, changing researchers’ and service needs

Integration of digital contents in museum collections

Digital Strategy: collection, social media, preservation and database systems


International keynote speakers are invited to hold lectures on the preservation of media art. They are prestigious academic experts and conservation professionals researching sustainable preservation. With international experts from the Brooklyn Museum (New York), Victoria and Albert Museum (London), National Trust (London), M+ (Hong Kong), LIMA Amsterdam, or conservators and professors from the York University (Toronto), the MAPS 2020 conference concentrates on the practical side of the topic, while a related exhibition entitled The Dead Web - The End tries to open up further questions regarding the conservation of media art.

List of keynote speakers


Conference Pass:

Early bird | 25 EUR (available until 31 January 2020 )
Full price pass | 36 EUR (from 1 February 2020)
Student pass | 12 EUR

You can reserve a ticket and apply for the MAPS 2020 workshop online and at the ticket office of Ludwig Museum. You will pay in the local currency (HUF). The displayed amount (in €) is indicative and based on the exchange rate at the time of booking.

Please note that registration is limited to 100 participants.



Two-day access to MAPS 2020 conference (13-14 February 2020)
Snack during the lunch break
Access to all keynote presentations
Free access to the exhibitions of Ludwig Museum Budapest

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